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At THookz Productions, we are committed to elevating the film and entertainment industry and making a positive impact on the public square.

"the future is here"

"Great producer, fluent with the machines."

Great producer, fluent with the machines, educated and full of great ideas. His beats roll smooth and hit hard if you're recording in Raleigh you should be recording with THookz.


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Professional music production, film editing, PR, mixing/mastering, full-stack music consultations (publishing, admin services, on-demand, sound/brand strategy, distribution, leveraging exposure, music licensing,) music single/album smart contract creation and more!

What We Offer

We offer music production services for different genres, including website creation, mixing/mastering, strategy, distribution, exposure, and licensing. Specializing in hip hop, R&B, and rock, we offer NFT releases. Our services are personalized to meet your industry needs.

Why Production?

Our greatest passion is to see people achieve greatness in their music career and helping to create longevity for them in a field that might be hard to find a light in. Music Production helps bridge the world of artistry to a commercial sound. It helps those with talent be seen to their greatest potential.


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Let THookz guide your artistic vision into a reality. Achieve true Go-To-Market success with a wide range of tools to amplify your craft and roadmap your career as an artist.

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Multiple professional video cameras on tripods filming a concert. Live broadcast and music production theme.

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The best producer in the game. Will help you think thoroughly about your future plans and the long term

A guy who invited me into his own place and treated me like family. We have been doing business ever sense

Thank you for the inquiry!

We have that Super AI, work-flow automation for music A&R, signature based channel-partnerships for a new age of ownership and copyright, patents, and trusts…and the most important, lots of talent coming from artists all over the world!

👉 for more of the services we offer—explained in more detail

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