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Navigating the Digital Landscape: Empowering Data Owners, Blockchain Interoperability, and Ethical Capital Raising – A Comprehensive Analysis

In our rapidly evolving digital world, three crucial topics stand out: Data Ownership and Privacy, Redefining Interoperability in Blockchain, and Ethical Hacker’s Insights for Transparent Capital Raising. Exploring these subjects sheds light on the challenges and opportunities we face in the digital era. This article delves deep into these topics, offering insights on how they […]

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Blockchain And The Future of The Entertainment Industry

Blockchain technology has become a game-changer in the music industry, opening up new opportunities for artists, songwriters, and music publishers. With the advent of blockchain interoperability through the Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC) protocol, different blockchains can now communicate and exchange data with each other, making them interoperable^[1]. This technology has enabled platforms like Audius^[2] and Secret […]

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Making Money with the Music Modernization Act

The Music Modernization Act (MMA) is a major reform of music copyright law in the United States, aimed at modernizing and streamlining the music licensing process, improving royalty payments to artists, and addressing various other issues related to music copyright. As an artist, it’s important to understand how the MMA can benefit you and how […]

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Do we still want to be famous?

Revisiting the reason I am where I am after it doesn’t seem to matter anymore… -The Artist Formerly Known as Purcella Tweet Social Change and the Hollywood Fishbowl In Marxist ideology celebrities are seen as an “ideological state apparatus” who “create false class consciousness amongst the proletariat that they too can have fame and fortune.” […]


Handling Your Money In the New Age

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER HERE It’s hard to picture financial articles as being evergreen content. However, things have gotten so exhaustingly unstable in the United States both socially and economically we thought it would be a good time to share an overview of ways you can prepare if s*** really hits the fan (I know, it’s hard […]


Hip Hop’s Trump Relationship

MAGA Hulk rallies his fellow supporters in Beverly Hills, CA on Nov 1, 2020 If you’ve wanted to have a bad Thanksgiving throughout the past seven years, you pretty much know you could just mention Trump at the celebration table. The MAGA movement has created a MEGA stir, and the shiz is really hitting the […]

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Music in the Age of the Social Credit Score

Share “Music is a powerful force..” Before the social and political upheaval of COVID, party music circa the early 2000s was on the rise again (think R. Kelly’s “Ignition”— I know, I think back about jamming out to this one and.. it’s weird). Then the whole world changed. There’s no doubting we’re in a different […]


Blockchain: A Music Industry Disrupter

Blockchain technology can affect the music industry in several ways 👇 1. Rights Management Blockchain can provide a transparent and immutable way to track and manage the ownership and distribution of music rights. This can make the process of paying royalties more efficient and less susceptible to fraud. 2. Monetization Blockchain can enable artists to […]

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Making Music with AI

The mere possibility that music, a profoundly personal, subjective form, might be optimized by machines is enough to raise a broad range of alarms within the music community. One might imagine bots replacing your drummer and bassist for your latest project. However, these tools are primarily creating a new workflow for artists in their creative […]

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A&R and Music Automation

Artificial Intelligence is helping the music industry in A&R (Artist and Reputation) discovery, combing through the music to spot the next breakthrough stars. The traditional A&R role can be grueling. Scouting talent and keeping on top of industry trends is a 24/7 job. Music AI is an emerging market featuring tools which enable smart tracking […]