Money Politics

Making Money with the Music Modernization Act

The Music Modernization Act (MMA) is a major reform of music copyright law in the United States, aimed at modernizing and streamlining the music licensing process, improving royalty payments to artists, and addressing various other issues related to music copyright. As an artist, it’s important to understand how the MMA can benefit you and how […]

fame goals

Do we still want to be famous?

Revisiting the reason I am where I am after it doesn’t seem to matter anymore… -The Artist Formerly Known as Purcella Tweet Social Change and the Hollywood Fishbowl In Marxist ideology celebrities are seen as an “ideological state apparatus” who “create false class consciousness amongst the proletariat that they too can have fame and fortune.” […]


Hip Hop’s Trump Relationship

MAGA Hulk rallies his fellow supporters in Beverly Hills, CA on Nov 1, 2020 If you’ve wanted to have a bad Thanksgiving throughout the past seven years, you pretty much know you could just mention Trump at the celebration table. The MAGA movement has created a MEGA stir, and the shiz is really hitting the […]

Music A&R

A&R and Music Automation

Artificial Intelligence is helping the music industry in A&R (Artist and Reputation) discovery, combing through the music to spot the next breakthrough stars. The traditional A&R role can be grueling. Scouting talent and keeping on top of industry trends is a 24/7 job. Music AI is an emerging market featuring tools which enable smart tracking […]