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people creating all different types of music

Artificial Intelligence is helping the music industry in A&R (Artist and Reputation) discovery, combing through the music to spot the next breakthrough stars.

The traditional A&R role can be grueling. Scouting talent and keeping on top of industry trends is a 24/7 job. Music AI is an emerging market featuring tools which enable smart tracking of music trends, as well as machine learning-based index, analysis, categorization and scoring of potential signees and partners. Whether you’re a small label or an enterprise studio, your teams can benefit from the productive gains related to this technology.

Imagine this scenario: It’s 8am on a Monday morning, and the A&R rep is just getting settled in at their desk. They’re excited to get started on their new project, but first they check their email. As they scroll through their inbox, they see an interesting message from our talent scout software, SuperStarTM. The email includes a curated list of talented artists, complete with bios and contact info. But what’s even more impressive is that each artist has been assigned a genre category, and each line displays a score that encapsulates how likely the talent is to be successful in the market monetarily based on current music trends.

The A&R rep is amazed by this technology and wonders how it works. All of this technological assistance seems like magic, and is intendedly so. On the back-end exists a complicated process of indexing, computations, and formulaic displays. 

If you’re curious about how AI is changing the music industry and would like to learn more, contact us below. Our team of experts will be happy to discuss how AI can benefit your business and help you discover the next big thing in music.

people creating all different types of music
people creating all different types of music
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Music A&R Automation

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