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Making Music with AI

The mere possibility that music, a profoundly personal, subjective form, might be optimized by machines is enough to raise a broad range of alarms within the music community. One might imagine bots replacing your drummer and bassist for your latest project. However, these tools are primarily creating a new workflow for artists in their creative process. An artist can begin working with an AI-generated draft and move it into their creative software of choice to fine-tune each track. 

Digital recording has had a huge effect on audience perception these past few decades. Auto-tune has acclimated the collective ear to digital pitch correction to the point it’s expected. Now machines are playing an even greater role through composition. A vast code architecture mastering the art of impersonation, creating music that can resurrect long-dead artists careers, or make new ones from scratch. 

It is not only AI, but the music industry in general is using automated tools, or deep learning, Big Data, and simply smart plug-ins that make music production processes, as well as the consumption processes, faster, more efficient. AI software for making music has advanced so much over the last couple of years, that it is not an intimidating new thing anymore; it is a feasible tool that producers can use, and are using, to aid the creation process. Though looking into the future, AI will enable a much wider spread and lower-cost music-making, which could usher in an age of music that goes beyond the genres and sounds that we know today. 

Proceed with caution, however. There are two primary limitations we’ve observed here at THookz, Inc. in the current state of music AI. The first applies to the control artists, producers, and audio engineers are given over the output of the AI software. Currently tools like AIVA have a narrow range of input when it comes to expressing emotion in music— and emotion is the primary foundation of music. The second limitation relates to the difficulty AI technology has in mimicking the singing cadence of the human voice. 

So while AI can provide a powerful production shortcut, it still takes a talented production team to leverage it effectively. We use a special recipe of AI technology, traditional composition, mixing & mastering to craft a hit single (or many bangers) :). Get in touch with us now and start building your unique sound today. 

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