Remote Production and Sound Recording

Your remote studio on demand

Tired of wasting thousand$$ on studio time?

Tired of wasting Thousand$$ on studio time?


It’s time to work with a system to produce chart-topping, industry-quality tracks in half the time and expense as your local studio.

Tired of wasting $100s or even $1,000s to just get yourself in the booth and come back home with a half-mixed, non-produced file when you were grinding hard for a breakthrough single?

The sad truth is most studios stick you with the non-paid intern to hit the space bar when you say record– AND hoard the pile of cash you’re paying them for the owner. It doesn’t even get invested in your precious work(s) of art! 

Much less, your music career…

Most of the paid studio workers aren’t even properly trained in how to mix vocals with the beat.

SPOILER ALERT: Modern technology has rendered the old school recording studio obsolete. All the goods you need to be at the top of the charts is right in your hand: Your Phone 🙂

I’ll put your record(s) with the best engineers in the industry. 

You deserve to have your project managed correctly.

You deserve to achieve a sound quality that gives you an edge over your competition!

We have broken our system down into 3 phases…


We hop on the phone together and I learn about your journey as an artist and the top goals that you have for your project and career.

We will go over your sound, along with the tonal ranges and unique characteristic that make up your voice and brand-to-sound image, as well as identify key elements of your sound.


We work together to ensure your setup is designed for quality sound recording, including gear, apps, software, beats, etc.

Really…You can just get started with your SmartPhone. 

Phase 3: Mixing/Mastering

From finding where your vocals lie and tweaking the vst’s and dynamic equalizers, to optimizing pitch ranges, adding effects, automating levels, and creating atmosphere. 

We will adjust your track(s) to make sure that it is sonically intact, with loudness and quality taken to their optimal levels, for a much better listening experience.

Revisions available upon request

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